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His And Her Marriage Chapter 43: Upon hearing her promise, Jonathan replied with a smile, “Your words have put my mind at ease. Anyway, I’ll get the contract drafted tomorrow. When the time comes, all you need to do is sign it.”

Roxanne nodded in acknowledgment.

With the matter of the reward settled, Jonathan personally escorted her to the door and watched her drive away.

Only when her car disappeared from sight did he return to the house and give Lucian a call.

“How is Old Mr. Queen?”

The moment the call connected, Lucian’s voice rang out with the sound of water flowing in the background.

Jonathan answered with a grin, “He’s already awake. Dr. Jarvis is amazing.”

Recalling how awkward Lucian and Roxanne behaved earlier, he asked curiously, “Lucian, are you acquainted with Dr. Jarvis prior to this? I just feel as if something is amiss between both of you. Furthermore, I’ve never seen you behave that way with another woman before.”

Even though he made things difficult for her, he stood up for her at the same time.

In the beginning, Jonathan really thought that Lucian didn’t take Roxanne seriously.

However, after watching Lucian help her and even insisting that Frieda apologize to her, he had no idea what to think.

His hunch told him that both of them knew each other, but it was impossible for him to guess what sort of relationship they had.

Lucian’s concern for Alfred was the only reason why he took Jonathan’s call. Hence, the question caused his expression to darken. “I don’t know her. If I did, I would already have gotten her to treat Old Mr. Queen.”

Before Jonathan could reply, Lucian hung up, triggering the former’s curiosity.

Somehow, Lucian’s tone just now was really awkward. Do they really not know one another?

By the time Roxanne reached home, it was already late at night.

Madilyn was playing Lego with the boys in the living room.

The moment the three of them saw Roxanne, they dropped the Lego in their hands and welcomed her home together.


The two boys threw themselves into her arms and asked in a concerned tone, “Why did you come back so late? All of us are already sleepy.”

Both of them yawned with their eyes about to close.

Roxanne tousled their hair. “I’m sorry for letting all of you wait that long.”

Raising her gaze, she wanted to thank Madilyn.

Sensing what she was about to say, Madilyn waved her hands. “Don’t worry about it. Both of them are my godsons after all. As for you, have you had your dinner yet? It’s already so late!”

Roxanne shook her head. “I didn’t manage to eat, as I was caught up with work.”

She had lost track of time while treating Alfred and discussing the supply of medicine with Jonathan.

However, now that Roxanne had reminded her of it, she began to feel her stomach growling.

Madilyn gave her an annoyed look. “I knew this would happen whenever you’re busy. Therefore, I set aside a portion of dinner. You should quickly have some.”

The boys, too, urged her to eat as they herded her to the dining table.

Warmed by their gesture, Roxanne took a few bites while Madilyn and the kids stayed by her side.

When she saw that Roxanne was almost done with her food, Madilyn inquired, “Considering how late you came back today, is the patient’s condition serious? How is the progress?”

Roxanne nodded with a smile. “It is. Nonetheless, I’m confident of curing him still.”

On top of that, I’ll also be able to solve the supply issue at the research institute.

With that thought in mind, Roxanne’s mood improved dramatically.

Madilyn, too, had just as much faith. “Since you’re confident in doing so, I trust that you’ll definitely be able to cure him!”

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