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His And Her Marriage Chapter 46: Roxanne gave him a noncommittal nod, before leading the boys over to greet the teacher.

Just before she left, her gaze subconsciously fell upon Estella again.

When she saw that the three of them were about to go, Estella stood up anxiously while staring intently at them.

Worried that she would fall, the teacher quickly held onto her.

After a brief hesitation, Roxanne couldn’t help inquiring out of concern. “Is she—”

Well aware of what she was about to ask, the boys answered right away, “Mommy, she’s a student here too. In fact, she’s in the same class as we are. Since her daddy and mommy have yet to pick her up, she was waiting together with us.”

Nodding in acknowledgment, Roxanne’s heart melted slightly at the sight of Estella.

Nevertheless, she didn’t intend to stay, for it will either be Lucian or Aubree who would be picking Estella up soon, neither of whom she had any intention of seeing again.

However, Estella was visibly reluctant to see her go.

Not wanting to disappoint her, Roxanne stroked Estella’s head with a smile. “Your parents will be here soon. As I need to go first, you must obey the teacher and wait together with her, all right?”

Just as Roxanne was about to leave, Estella grabbed her sleeve tightly.

Halted by Estella’s reaction, Roxanne lowered her gaze and saw the former shaking her head with slightly reddened eyes.

The look on Estella’s face caused Roxanne to feel so heavy-hearted that she couldn’t bring herself to move.

When the teacher saw Estella refusing to let Roxanne leave, she sighed in resignation before approaching the latter to explain, “Estella has recently been very close to Archie and Benny. Due to her autistic character, very few students are willing to play with her. But the very first day the brothers came to class, they ended up protecting her. That’s why she has grown to rely on both of them. And now, she’s probably scared that they’re leaving.”

After hearing about Estella’s situation, Roxanne could feel the discomfort within her intensify.

Not only is the little girl mute, but she’s also autistic. No wonder the teacher let the boys wait by the side.

Unfortunately, the thought of running into Lucian and Aubree caused Roxanne to feel hesitant about staying behind.

Despite the teacher’s coaxing, Estella refused to let Roxanne go no matter what.

After a while, the teacher appealed, “Ms. Jarvis, are you rushing for time? If not, shall we chat a little? Ever since Archie and Benny came to school, I have yet to speak to you about their progress.”

It was clear to Roxanne that the teacher was just getting her to wait with Estella under the pretext of discussing the boys’ performance in school.

At the same time, Estella, too, threw her a hopeful gaze.

Faced with the look in Estella’s eyes, Roxanne, who was about to decline, couldn’t bring herself to say it. In the end, she swallowed her words and nodded at the teacher.

In response, Estella’s eyes glistened as she discreetly leaned into Roxanne while holding the latter’s sleeve.

From afar, it looked as if she was leaning in Roxanne’s arms.

Sensing the slight movement, Roxanne didn’t stop her nor show her any attention. Instead, she discussed the boys’ affairs with the teacher as if she didn’t realize anything.

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