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His And Her Marriage Chapter 48: Meanwhile, Lucian didn’t notice the boys in the car as he strode into the kindergarten, well aware that he was late.

The moment he stepped in, he saw two figures by the slide together with Estella, who had squeezed herself into Roxanne’s arms by then.

“Mr. Farwell, you’re here!” the teacher greeted respectfully when she saw Lucian.

Lucian nodded in acknowledgment as he walked up to them. After throwing his daughter a glance, he stared coldly at Roxanne. “Why are you here?”

Sensing his hostility, Roxanne knitted her brows in confusion.

The teacher then looked at them in surprise, “Do you know each other?”

Just a while ago, she had assumed that Roxanne didn’t know Estella.

However, considering how dependent Estella was on Roxanne, she figured that it wasn’t such a surprise at all.

After nodding at the teacher without answering the question, Roxanne shifted her attention toward Lucian. “I came here to pick my boys up. It was your daughter who refused to let go of my clothes, forcing me to stay here with her.”

The moment he heard the words “your daughter” roll off her tongue, Lucian’s expression darkened.

How can she say such a thing in front of her own daughter? What a heartless woman!

Unaware of what she had said wrong, Roxanne saw a sudden change in Lucian’s expression as he turned his attention to Estella.

“Come here.” Lucian reached out his hand grimly.

After glancing at Lucian’s outstretched hand, Estella raised her gaze and gave Roxanne a reluctant and pitiful look.

Just when I finally got the chance to be with her, why does Daddy have to be so fierce?

As the seconds ticked by, Lucian’s expression turned darker when Estella refused to let go of Roxanne.

In the end, Roxanne lowered her gaze and tousled Estella’s hair before reassuring her, “Your daddy is here to pick you up, and I have to go too. So, you should go home with him now.”

After that, Roxanne stood back up, planning to leave the instant Estella released her grip.

In spite of that, Estella adamantly refused regardless of how gloomy Lucian looked. Instead, she continued to give Roxanne a pleading look.

For some inexplicable reason, she loved staying by Roxanne’s side, to the extent of wanting to follow the latter home.

As the tension in the air began to build, the teacher felt the need to defuse the situation.

Before she could, she saw Lucian making his move all of a sudden.

Walking up to Estella, Lucian asserted in an authoritative voice, “Estella Farwell, let go and come home with me.”

Shaken by his tone, the little girl ended up tightening her grip on Roxanne and leaning closer to her by reflex.

As she was already standing by the edge of the slide, she lost her balance while shifting her legs without looking.

With her heart skipping a beat, Roxanne managed to stop Estella from falling by reaching out to catch her.

Subsequently, Estella refused to let Roxanne go, leaving the latter with no choice but to hug her in case she fell again.

Having calmed her down, Roxanne couldn’t help but frown. “Lucian, if you’re upset with me, you should just vent your frustrations at me instead of the child.”

Even though Lucian had seen the same event unfold, he didn’t manage to get to Estella in time.

Therefore, he retorted upon hearing Roxanne’s comments, “How is the way I treat my daughter any of your business? Don’t think that just because she likes you, it gives you the right to get involved.”

The tension between them felt as if it could explode at any moment.

In response to his mocking tone, Roxanne’s expression darkened as an inexplicable sense of anger swelled within her.

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