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Its Not Summer Without You Chapter 15: Before we headed down to the car I grabbed Conrad’s textbooks notebooks and his laptop and stuffed as much as I could into the North Face backpack I’d found in his closet. “This way he’ll be able to study for those midterms on Monday,” I said, handing Jeremiah the laptop.

He winked and said, “I like the way you think, Bel y Conklin.”

On the way out, we stopped by Ari the RA’s room. His door was open and he was sitting at his desk. Jeremiah popped his head in and said, “Hey, Ari. I’m Conrad’s brother, Jeremiah. We found Conrad. Thanks for the heads- up, man.”

Ari beamed at him. “No problem.” Jeremiah made friends wherever he went.

Everyone wanted to be Jeremiah Fisher’s friend.

Then we were on our way. Headed straight to Cousins, full stop. We drove with the windows down, and the radio up.

We didn’t talk much, but this time I didn’t mind. I think we were both too busy thinking. , I was thinking about the last time I headed down this road.

Only, it hadn’t been with Jeremiah. It had been with Conrad.

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