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DECLARE WAR ON YOUR ENEMIES THE POLARITY STRATEGY: Life is endless battle and conflict, and you cannot fight effectively unless you can identify your enemies. People are subtle and evasive, disguising their intentions, pretending to be on your side. You need clarity. Learn to smoke out your enemies, to spot them by the signs and patterns that reveal hostility. Then, once you have them in your sights, inwardly declare war. As the opposite poles of a magnet create motion, your enemies–your opposites–can fill you with purpose and direction.

Community Reviews :

“Excellent if you love History – in particular famous figures, battles, and wars. He humanizes historical people/events in a way that makes what could be dense and overwhelming reading very exciting.”

“33 Strategies of War is written by Robert Greene who is a master psychologist, who knows people and circumstances inside out. His research goes to about 3000 years, where the art of war originated. He breaks down the different strategies used by the people in power(mostly monarchs and dictators). He goes deep into the concepts of winning a war, and breaks them down into Historical Examples showing how the particular strategy will provide benefits. I agree, it is hard to implement this strategies but what is more important about them is the way he puts them forward. The whole book is 1140 pages and is a must read for people going into politics as it gives you a huge advantage over your competitors who are still pretty backward in their psychology.”

“Credits to this book for teaching me everything that I need to know about strategy and survival. Brilliantly done!”

The 33 Strategies Of War Book By Robert Greene Complete PDF Free Download

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