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Ugly Love book PDF by Colleen Hoover Chapter 6 Read Online – MILES

Six years earlier

We eat dinner, but it’s awkward. Lisa and Dad try to include us in the conversation, but neither of us is in the mood to talk.

We gaze down at our plates, quietly contemplating our meal. Using our forks, we delicately nudge the food around, lost in our own thoughts.

We don’t want to eat.

Dad asks Lisa if she wants to go sit out back.

Lisa said yes.

Lisa asks Rachel to help me clear the table.

Rachel says okay.

We take the plates to the kitchen.

We’re quiet.

Rachel leans against the counter while I load the dishwasher. She watches me do my best to ignore her. She doesn’t realize she’s everywhere. She’s in everything. Every single thing has just become Rachel.

It’s consuming me.

My thoughts aren’t thoughts anymore.

My thoughts are Rachel.

I’m not able to love you, Rachel.

The washbasin is what I see. I’d want to gaze upon Rachel.

I take a breath. Rachel, I want to breathe you in.

I avert my gaze. All I see is Rachel.

My hands are clean. I wish I could hug Rachel.

I dry my hands on a towel before turning around to face her. Her hands are gripping the counter behind her. Mine are folded across my chest. “They’re the worst parents in the world,” she whispers.

Her voice cracks. My heart cracks.

“Despicable,” I say to her.

She laughs.

I’m not supposed to fall in love with your laugh, Rachel.

She sighs. I fell in love with that, too.

“How long have they been seeing each other?” I ask her.

She’ll be honest.

She shrugs. “About a year. It’s been a long distance until she moved us here to be closer to him.”

I feel my mother’s heartbreaking.

We hate him.

“A year?” I ask. “Are you sure?” She nods.

She doesn’t know about my mother. I can tell. “Rachel?”

I say her name out loud, just like I’ve wanted to do since the second I 1net her.

She continues to look directly at me. She swallows, then breathes out a shallow “Yeah?”

I step toward her.

Her body reacts. She stands taller but not by much. She breathes heavier but not by much. Her cheeks grow redder but not by much.

It’s all just enough.

My hand fits her waist. My eyes search hers.

They don’t tell me no, so I do.

When my lips touch hers, it’s so many things. It’s good and bad and right and wrong and


She inhales, stealing some of my breaths. I breathe into her, giving her more. Our tongues touch and our guilt intertwines and my fingers slide through the hair God made specifically for her.

My new favorite flavor is Rachel. My new favorite thing is Rachel.

Rachel is my ultimate wish for my birthday, a coveted gift for Christmas, and a dream come true for my graduation celebration.

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.

I’m gonna fall in love with you anyway, Rachel.

The back door opens.

I release Rachel.

She releases n1e but only physically. I can still feel her in every other way.

I look away from her, but everything is still Rachel.

Lisa walks into the kitchen. She looks happy.

She has a right to be happy. She’s not the one who died.

Lisa tells Rachel it’s time to go.

I tell them both goodbye, but my words are only for Rachel. She knows this.

After completing the dishes, I cautiously informed my father about Lisa’s kindness, but I refrained from revealing my deep-seated resentment towards him at that moment. Maybe I never will. I don’t know what good it would do to let him know that I don’t see him the same way anymore.

Now he’s just … normal. Human.

Maybe that’s the rite of passage before you become a man- realizing your father doesn’t have life figured out any more than you do.

I go to my room. I take out my phone, and text Rachel.

Me: What do we do about tomorrow night?

Rachel: We lie to them?

Me: Can you meet me at seven?

Rachel: Yes. Me: Rachel? Rachel: Yeah? Me: Good night.

Rachel: Good night, Miles.

I turn off my phone because I want that to be the last text I receive for the night. I close my eyes.

I’m falling, Rachel.

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