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His And Her Marriage Chapter 51: The next day was a weekend, so the kids didn’t have to go to kindergarten.

Roxanne planned to take the boys to the research institute with her.

Right after she packed everything and was about to head out the door, she heard the doorbell ring.

Thinking it was a visit from Madilyn, Roxanne got up and went to get the door.

Her brows furrowed with confusion when she saw the person standing at the door. “Essie? What are you doing here?”

Roxanne instinctively swept her gaze at the surrounding, thinking Lucian would be standing and waiting somewhere within sight.

Yet, shockingly, she didn’t see anyone else but Estella outside her door.

Roxanne decided to focus her attention back on Estella. She bent down to the little girl’s eye level and asked, “Estella, tell me how you got here? Did your daddy send you?”

Judging from Lucian’s attitude at the kindergarten yesterday, I highly doubt he’ll let Essie meet me, but there’s no other possibility for now.

Estella was wearing a white dress and carried a small backpack on her back. It was the one she brought to kindergarten the day before. Hearing Roxanne’s question, Estella reached for the notebook in her backpack, flipped it open, then started writing something.

She wrote: I came here myself.

Roxanne was stunned. “Yourself? How did you find your way here?”

Estella scribbled across the page: I took a cab here.

Roxanne was still suspicious, but after checking her surroundings a few times, she finally believed Estella’s words.

So Lucian’s daughter took the cab in the early morning all by herself to my house. This situation is giving me a headache.

She suppressed the mix of feelings in her heart and asked tenderly, “Is there a reason you’re looking for me?”

The girl answered in writing: I wanted to be friends with Archie and Benny, so I came to play with them. Is that okay? Estella raised her notebook and gazed at Roxanne with anticipation.

Just for this reason?

Roxanne didn’t know how to answer her at that moment.

Yesterday, the boys’ teacher did tell me Estella liked following the boys around. However, I never thought she’ll be bold enough to take a cab to my house alone just so she can play with them. Moreover, she can’t speak. If she met some bad people on the way here…

Roxanne didn’t dare to think about what would happen.

“Mommy?” Archie and Benny had been waiting inside for a while and didn’t see Roxanne come back in, so they came out to have a look.

When they saw the little girl at their front door, they had the same reaction as Roxanne. “What are you doing here?”

Estella was about to scribble in her notebook when Roxanne explained on her behalf, “Essie just wanted to play with you guys.”

Archie looked around at Roxanne’s explanation, thinking he would see his dad, but there wasn’t an adult man anywhere.

“How did she get here?” Archie flitted his gaze to Roxanne.

Roxanne replied resignedly, “She took a cab here alone.”

Even I have a hard time believing the words that just came out of my mouth.

However, the two boys accepted the truth readily.

Benny looked at Estella with a puzzled look. “You came here yourself? Did you run away from home again?”

If I remember it correctly, the first time we met Essie was when she ran away from home.

On the contrary, Estella didn’t think her behavior was strange and nodded.

Seeing her calm demeanor, the boys exchanged a look speechlessly.

Why does this daughter that Daddy raised keep running away from home? More importantly, why is she always coming to our house?

At the same time, Lucian was working in the Farwell Group CEO’s office when suddenly his private phone started ringing.

The second the call connected, the butler’s voice came through the phone urgently.

“Mr. Farwell, Ms. Estella is missing again.”

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