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“There’s nothing to do in Pitts Landing,” Michael Warner said, his hands shoved into the pockets of his faded denim cutoffs.  

“Yeah. Pitts Landing is the pits,” Greg Banks said. 

Doug Arthur and Shari Walker muttered their agreement.  

Pitts Landing Is The Pits. That was the town slogan, according to Greg and his three friends. Actually, Pitts Landing wasn’t much different from a lot of small towns with quiet streets of shady lawns and comfortable old houses.  

But here it was, a balmy fall afternoon, and the four friends were hanging around  Greg’s driveway, kicking at the gravel, wondering what to do for fun and excitement.  “Let’s go to Grover’s and see if the new comic books have come in,” Doug suggested.  

“We don’t have any money, Bird,” Greg told him.  

Everyone called Doug “Bird”, because he looked a lot like a bird. A better nickname might have been “Stork”. He had long, skinny legs and took long, storklike steps. Under his thick tuft of brown hair, which he seldom brushed, he had small,  birdlike brown eyes and a long nose that curved like a beak. Doug didn’t really like being called Bird, but he was used to it.  

“We can still look at the comics,” Bird insisted.  

“Until Grover starts yelling at you,” Shari said. She puffed out her cheeks and did  a pretty good imitation of the gruff store owner: “Are you paying or staying?” “He thinks he’s cool,” Greg said, laughing at her imitation. “He’s such a jerk.”  “I think the new X-Force is coming in this week,” Bird said.  

“You should join the X-Force,” Greg said, giving his pal a playful shove. “You  could be Bird Man. You’d be great!”  

“We should all join the X-Force,” Michael said. “If we were superheroes, maybe  we’d have something to do.”  

“No, we wouldn’t,” Shari quickly replied. “There’s no crime to fight in Pitts  Landing.”  

“We could fight crabgrass,” Bird suggested. He was the joker in the group.  The others laughed. The four of them had been friends for a long time. Greg and  Shari lived next door to each other, and their parents were best friends. Bird and  Michael lived on the next block.  

“How about a baseball game?” Michael suggested. “We could go down to the  playground.”  

“No way,” Shari said. “You can’t play with only four people.” She pushed back a  strand of her crimped black hair that had fallen over her face. She was wearing an oversized yellow sweatshirt over bright green leggings. 

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