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“Namal” is a famous Urdu novel written by Nimra Ahmed, a famous Pakistani writer. “Namal” is a charming Urdu novel that delves into the topics of thriller, crime, justice, and personal growth.

The story mainly revolves around Qalb-e-Momin, a mysterious and complex person with a past. His adventure toward redemption is a central focus of the unconventional.

Sumaira, a strong and independent woman, is another pivotal individual whose life turns entangled with Qalb-e-Momin’s. Her actions and selections extensively affect the unfolding events of the story.

Imama Hashim, another vital person, has her own journey that intricately weaves into the narrative, adding intensity and complexity to the plot.

Throughout the novel, readers are taken on a suspenseful and interesting ride, full of surprising twists and turns. “Namal” is renowned for its attractive storytelling and its ability to keep readers hooked as they explore the lives, secrets techniques, and intertwined destinies of those significant characters in the backdrop of a compelling mystery.

”Nimra Ahmed” is thought for her enticing storytelling and her capability to create tricky plots that captivate her readers.

“Namal” is considered one of her maximum well-obtained works. If you’re a fan of Urdu fiction, especially mystery and mystery genres, you may revel in reading this novel. You Can Download Namal novel complete pdf by clicking on the below download button:

Namal Novel PDF Download

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